How To Use Your Reticular Activating System to Manifest Your Dream Lifestyle!

What exactly is your Reticular Activating System?  First and foremost, your Reticular Activating System or (R.A.S. for short) is really an actual tangible thing.  It’s literally located at the bottom area of your brain near the brainstem.


The word reticular actually means “net or web-like.” The RAS is a net or web-like formation of nerve cells and their connections lying deep within the brainstem, between the brain and the spinal cord.  The ‘Activating’ happens pretty much automatically without you actually consciously ‘doing’ anything. (more on this later).

Your RAS is directly correlated with your self image as well as your beliefs. (Good or Bad).  So what exactly does it do? Why is it there? Can you use it to your benefit? Can you control how it communicates? Well….. I’m glad you asked! ;-)

Now as stated previously, the RAS is directly correlated with your self image.  Your self image is directly related to your subconscious mind which is based on your beliefs.  The RAS looks for information to support whatever your beliefs are. It acts as probably the most advanced filter system in the world!  You see, on average, at any given time there is at least 2 million bits of information coming at you. Whether it be colors, shapes, smells, textures, shades of light, words, signs, sounds etc.  Literally everything going on is coming at you constantly and your subconscious mind is receiving it all! However, there is no way possible you could process all 2 million bits of info every second.  

Now enters the Reticular Activating System into the picture!  As stated before, the RAS particularly looks for information that supports your subconscious beliefs.  So when all of this information is coming at you so fast and furious…. Your RAS is carefully and rapidly filtering through this information.  During this filtering process (which is happening almost instantaneously), the RAS is only allowing things to reach your conscious that it feels is ‘important’ to you.  This is the reason that when you’ve decided on a car that you love and plan to purchase, all of a sudden you start to see this particular car EVERYWHERE! Well the truth is, those cars were always riding around you.  They were always there. The only difference now is……… Your Reticular Activating System knows that this car is important to you (because of how you felt when you visualized it and decided that you wanted it).


So how does your RAS know what is important to you and what to allow in and what to filter out?  It knows by what you FOCUS on! If you were planning to get a new Lexus, then the RAS is not bringing all the Ford pick up trucks to your attention because that’s not what you were focused on.  If you have your heart set on a certain new motorcycle, your RAS is not bringing all the jet skis to your attention. Again, because that’s not what you were focused on!

Now, I know you are probably wondering “what the heck does this have to do with manifesting my dream lifestyle? Again….. I’m glad you asked ;-)

My friend, YOU are actually in control of what gets allowed into your system!  This is the power that most of us aren’t even aware that we have! What you focus on basically forces the RAS to give you more of it.  SO FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT!  As simple as that sounds….. It’s absolutely true.  The problem is, most of us were programmed throughout our lives to focus on the things that we don’t want or things that we don’t want to happen.  So what happens? Your RAS shows you more of it to support your beliefs! This activates the Law of Attraction! Good or bad.

Your job is to focus only on what you want!  Focus on the good and you will get more of it! What would happen if you only focused on wealth?  What would happen if you only focused on good health? How about love? Or a great friendships? See what I’m getting at here?  You can literally start to attract only the things that will manifest your dream life! You just have to purposely decide to feed your subconscious mind with those things on a consistent basis.  Your life will begin to change for the better! You will begin to manifest everything your heart desires!

At this point, you should be getting very excited!  Now that you have the foundational knowledge, you are prepared to elevate your lifestyle almost immediately!  And the good news? WE ARE GOING TO WALK YOU THROUGH IT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! 

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