Your Subconscious Mind & Why a Paradigm Shift is a Must!

The alarm clock rings.  You reach over to the nightstand, eyes still closed, and you are about 80% still sleep.  We’ve all been there right? In fact, most of us cringe at the mere thought of that dreaded buzz or tone of the alarm clock.  But life is calling! Remember yesterday, when you said you were going to kick tomorrow’s ass? Well my friend, tomorrow is here and it has a new name….. “TODAY!”  So you fight the temptation to slumber a little bit longer and you peel yourself off of that comfy mattress. You blink your eyes a few times to gain focus and then reach for that cell phone. (I know I’m not the only one).  After checking notifications and such, you, like every other human on the planet, probably need to head to the bathroom. So you whip out that phone and search google for “HOW TO WALK”. I mean you don’t want to fall on your face on the way right?  Now as silly as this sounds…. Stay with me because this is where it gets interesting.

Ok, obviously you already know how to walk right? So there is no need to ‘re-learn’ how to do it every time you need to.  But why is that? The answer is wrapped up in your mind (literally). You see we all have our conscious minds in which we use to think, rationalize, analyze, reason, etc.  But we also have our subconscious minds. Your subconscious operates completely different than the conscious does. Think of it as a recording device with unlimited data capability.  It has been recording since the moment of your existence. Most of your initial beliefs and habits formed between the ages of 0 and 7. During this time, your brain is in ‘theta’ mode.  This is close to a hypnotic state and your subconscious is basically absorbing any and everything that you come in contact with.  This is why you have the same accent as your parents or you are or are not a ‘morning person’.  So what does this have to do with walking to the bathroom in the morning?  Well your subconscious mind has mastered the act of walking so well that you don’t have to re-learn it every time.  You just do it without thinking about it right? 

Now let me show you how this story about walking to the bathroom has had an overwhelming influence over exactly where you are and how happy, successful, and healthy you are today!.  It’s your Paradigm! So what is that? (other than a funny spelled word that I’ve never used)  

Your Paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior….. AND….. almost all of our behavior is habitual! You see, 95% of our daily behavior is being run by our Paradigms.  So this means that while you are eating a great meal, you are not concentrating extremely hard on how to swallow or how to digest your food.  Your subconscious does this automatically so that you can continue with the task at hand. Pretty cool huh? Well this same mental program is controlling many many other aspects of your life as well.  Have you ever made a to do list that seemed very doable? Yet for some reason, you procrastinated and did not complete a good portion of the list? This is because some of the beliefs in your programming do not agree with your conscious intentions of being productive today.  In fact if you take a snapshot of your life and your current status (including relationships), you can get a pretty clear picture of what your subconscious beliefs are.

So now that we know what our Paradigm is, the question is: ‘Why should I consider changing it and maybe even more important…. HOW?”  

Well, 1st let’s tackle the beginning of that question. “Why should I consider changing my paradigm?”  The answer to this is so complex that we will dedicate several future segments to this particular subject.  But don’t worry, I’ll summarize nicely here for you.

The short answer is this:  Your Paradigm has enormous influence over almost every key area of your life. This includes (but not limited to):

  1. Your Perception
  2. Your use of time
  3. Your creativity 
  4. Your effectiveness 
  5. Your productivity
  6. Your Logic
  7. The one you are probably most interested in YOUR ABILITY TO EARN MONEY!

This list alone should both concern and excite you!  I say concern because I’m sure that we all could use some improvement in each one of those.  I say excite because you can absolutely improve each one of those things by shifting your Paradigm!  

A Paradigm shift can happen in several ways and here are a few:

  1. Hypnosis - (similar to your brain’s state at ages 0 to 7 yrs old)
  2. Major single impactful moment - (ex: the events of 9-11)
  3. Repetition (affirmations and repetitious behavior)
  4. Psyche K (a direct way to ‘download’ new beliefs to replace old ones)

At this point, you should be getting very excited!  We are going to deep dive into each one of these in very near future segments.  Now that you have the foundational knowledge, you are more than equipped to make major changes in your personal and professional life.  And the good news? WE ARE GOING TO WALK YOU THROUGH IT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

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